I went to school for acting, and as a director and cinematographer I have a deep appreciation and love for all that the actor does. My films would be nothing without the power of a trained performer, and that is why I enjoy creating high quality reels and head shots for actors at an incredibly low price. Some of the reels are just editing, and others I write, direct and film on a shoestring budget to fill out an existing reel or simply create one from scratch! Check out some of my work, and contact me today for a deal of your own. 

I made this reel for talented actress and good friend Nikki Borges. Video headshot filmed by me!

Acting reel for Flora Scott using existing film selections.

Andrew Gaul, a jack of all trades and brilliant actor! Bookend intro/outro videos filmed by Joshua Sterling Bragg. Edited by the same.

I shot, directed and edited this acting reel for Blair Baker in 2013. Other than Roberto Casey (who was the makeup artist) I was the only crew member. Canon 7D + 24mm-105mm L