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This year has lead to camera work and lighting. See what I've been up to as I've continued down the path of becoming a Cinematographer. 

Jonathan Goodstein is an arrogant attorney with an addiction to marijuana. Watch as he stumbles through life trying to balance his aggressive wife, pot dealing nephew, and various other rambunctious townies in the hilarious youtube original.

Julianna Jones is a TOP chef who just can't seem to make it through one dish without having a serious break down. This week she creates a Thanksgiving meal for one! Let's see what she comes up with!

SUBSCRIBE!++++++ BEST WATCHED IN THE DARK WITH HEADPHONES!!!!! Hey Everyone! This is a short film I shot back in April, and it's finally finished! It's great to be back. If you don't follow my facebook page, I had some work related difficulties that kept me from posting the past few months, but life is good and things balanced out and I'M BACK!!!

Spencer watches with envy as new loves and friendships bloom! Benny is forced to act like an adult despite his board game collection and love of NERF! Eddie finds himself in hot water before his new class even begins! Will he tough it out?! Will Stacey cover for her man?!

Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Although the video only highlights a handful of women I tried to capture the intensity and professionalism of the league as a whole.



This is a short film I made with my GoPro during a hike to Stoddard Rocks in New Hampshire this fall. The song is "Title Music from Merchant-Ivory's film - Bombay Talkie" off of the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack. I don't claim any rights to the music, just thought it would go perfectly with my journey.


A short film Written and Directed by Alessandro Nicolaci and filmed by Joshua Sterling Bragg


Bocce Ballers

A new web series about a family of competitive bocce players living in Staten Island. 


Thanksgiving 2013

I shot this film of my family preparing for Thanksgiving as a test of the Canon C100 Cinema Camera. 

Ballad in Plain Z

Indie fundraising event in NYC. It was shot by Joshua Tyler Bacon and Written/ Directed by Nick Vergara, Edited by Joshua Sterling Bragg.

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Ms. Booksy takes us to the land of make-believe in this episode of the popular web-based children's show.

This video is a celebration of a year's worth of shooting roller derby. Watch the entire season unfold as I learn the trick to filming great roller derby!

I made this video for fun at my parent's house for Easter!